Julien, creation 2021, is part of the artistic association with La Bulle Bleue, a permanent troupe of professional actors with disabilities.

This project, born from the meeting between the actor Julien Colombo and Maguelone Vidal, develops two extremely linked questions :

– the primary drive at the origin of the desire for the stage
– the energy consumed on a theater set and in the relationship with the public, this vital energy which regenerates itself while expending itself.

The imaginaries set in motion here are based on the fine, sensitive and perilous articulation:

– between the anatomo-physiological reality of a singular body and the power of performative and choreographic invention that emerges from it,

– between the documentary narrative of an individual’s own history and the development of a poetic language,

– between the imperatives of cell conservation and the enjoyment of vital energy expenditure in the literal sense of the term.

They are also based on the imperative congruence between the very nature of the work process and the scenic object that will ultimately be created.

This meeting around the desire for play, gesture, momentum, sound, words, rhythm recorded a resolutely hybrid writing. It contains the artistic team mentioned below, to which are added the educators of La Bulle Bleue, whose extremely precious collaboration is part of the creation and its challenges.


Maguelone Vidal / direction, dramaturgy, writing of the text from the collection of interviews with Julien Colombo
Julien Colombo / interpretation
Maguelone Vidal et Marc Siffert / musical composition
Fabrice Ramalingom / choreographic work
Lorenzo Dallaï / bodywork
Emmanuelle Debeusscher / scenography
Daniel Lévy / light creation
Catherine Sardi / costume designer
Axel Pfirrmann / sound engineer
Mylène Pastre / light control
Nathalie Carcenac / producer
Marthe Lemut / diffusion


Production / Intensités
Co-production / La Bulle Bleue – ESAT artistique et culturel – MONTPELLIER


Création / Biennale des arts de la scène en Méditerranée – Théâtre des Treize Vents – Centre Dramatique National de MONTPELLIER – La Bulle Bleue MONTPELLIER / November 25th and 26th, 2021 / 8:00 pm
La Bulle Bleue MONTPELLIER / December 8th, 9th, 15th and 16h, 2021 / 8:00 pm
Re-création / Théâtre des Treize Vents – Centre Dramatique National – MONTPELLIER / May 13th, 2023