Lalal’air, a performance for two living, breathing performers.
Two people. Two bodies. Two pairs of lungs. Two mouths. All deploying their breath over a strange, but joyful soundscape.


Breathing leads the way : it is our breathing which enables the communication necessary for our daily lives. It is also, for each and every one of us, the sound which precedes the moment, even before we know how to speak. It is accessible to us all, no matter who we are, or where we come from.


In this musical and corporeal exploration, breath appears naked before us, as Maguelone Vidal and Dalila Khatir summon our ancient childhood joys and imaginary landscapes, our unique poetry and our secret language.


This performance takes place in close proximity with the audience. The performers are positioned and viewed sideways on.


Maguelone Vidal / stage director, composition and interpretation
Dalila Khatir / artistic collaboration and interpretation
Catherine Noden / lighting design
Axel Pfirrmann / sound engineer


Production / Intensités
Coproduction / La Bulle Bleue, MONTPELLIER
Artistic residence / La Baignoire, MONTPELLIER


Creation / La Bulle Bleue – MONTPELLIER / June 5th, 2019