Intensités was created at the end of 2006, on the initiative of Maguelone Vidal with the purpose of developing contemporary musical productions within the structures of other artistic fields and generating multi-sensory live performances.

The action of Intensités is perceived simultaneously as a mission to initiate and develop artistic creations, to establish social links and to share the performing arts for a common good.


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From the start, Intensités opted to function as a company collaborating with numerous artists and technicians year after year, or guest artists invited to participate on specific projects.


Currently the core of our artistic and technical team is made up of musicians Christian Zanesi, Philippe Foch, Didier Petit, Dalila Khatir, Bruno Chevillon, Vivien Trelcat, Rafaëlle Rinaudo, Philippe Cornus; choreographic artists Hanna Hedman, Ghyslaine Gau and Lorenzo Dallaï; scenographer Emmanuelle Debeusscher; choreographer Fabrice Ramalingom; playwright Matthieu Doze; sound engineers Emmanuel Duchemin and Axel Pfirmman; lighting designers Lais Foulc, Maurice Fouilhé and Romain de Lagarde; the chef Claudius Tortorici and stage managers Matthieu Zabé and Jean-Marie Deboffe.


Our production-diffusion team is made up of Silvia Mammano, production administrator, Marthe Lemut, touring organiser and Mathilde Lefevre Jousse, communications manager.


Guest artists and technicians who have been invited to participate on specific projects are the musicians Joëlle Léandre, Pascal Contet, François Merville, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Michel Godard, Catherine Jauniaux, Raymond Boni and many others; stage directors Eva Vallejo and Emilie Rousset; choreographer Laurent Pichaud; dancers  I-Fang Lin, Lena Angster, Céline Debyser, Vincent Delétang, Clément Lecigne, Julie Laporte, Marion Peuta, Sylvain Riejou and Emilio Urbina; poets Charles Pennequin and Michaël Glück; actors Jean-Marc Bourg and Marc Baylet; visual artist and poet Pierre Tilman; designers Huub Ubbens and Samuel Aden; sound engineers Emmanuel Gilot and Vincent Thoyer.


The diffusion of our productions is developing in France and abroad in a very polymorphic network made up of national dramatic arts Centres, national centres for musical creation, national theatre networks, national choreographic centres, choreographic development centres, festivals, museums, art centres, city theatres, traditional theatres, etc. Two productions, La Tentation des pieuvres and Le cœur du son – are currently receiving support from the Charter of aid to artistic diffusion signed by ONDA (Office National de Diffusion Artistique), Arcadi ÎLE-DE-FRANCE, l’Oara NOUVELLE AQUITAINE, l’Odia NORMANDIE, Réseau en Scène-OCCITANIE and Spectacle Vivant in BRITTANY.


Transmission is an integral part of our artistic approach with numerous creative projects being presented in various public venues: conservatoires, schools, high schools, colleges, hospitals, universities, fine art schools, national choreographic centres, etc.




Composer, stage director, musician and performer, Maguelone Vidal creates her own unique universe. Exploring the poetic and sensory relationships between the body and sound, she creates audio and on stage situations which offer the audience a synaesthetic approach to music.
Having completed her studies in classical piano and medecine she devoted herself to studying the saxophone developing a passion for improvisation and the creation of contemporary pieces. She played on the French and European scene with Bruno Chevillon, Pascal Contet, Joëlle Léandre, Didier Petit, Catherine Jauniaux, Christian Zanesi, Philippe Foch and many others.
Actively interested in intermixing different artistic fields, she has composed and written pieces for choreographers and directors and is constantly multiplying her performances with poets, actors and visual artists.

She is currently designing performances and live shows which are resolutely hybrid and multi-disciplinary, originating from music and sound.
Within Intensités – fabrique de créations hybrides (Hybrid Creations), the company she directs, she is currently designing performances and live shows which are resolutely hybrid and multi- disciplinary, originating from music and sound.
Her latest piece, La Tentation des pieuvres (The Octopus Temptation), written for a chef, four musicians and a hundred guests, reflects very precisely her artistic approach of bringing her audience together and inviting it to enter and enjoy the world of creative music. It is currently receiving accolades throughout France and abroad, for its shows in PHILHARMONIE DE PARIS, ARSENAL DE METZ, CENTRE DRAMATIQUE NATIONAL DE REIMS with CESARE – CENTRE NATIONAL DE CRÉATION MUSICALE, CENTRE DRAMATIQUE NATIONAL DE MONTREUIL, SCÈNE NATIONALE D’ORLEANS, SCÈNE NATIONALE DE PERPIGNAN, FESTIVAL ARTONOV-BRUXELLES, in many ttheaters and in many festivals.

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