Borrowed from Latin, the Cochlea is a snail and also the spiral-shaped hearing organ. It is the inner ear with its vestibular system, which allows us to maintain balance in our movement.
This piece incorporates solo saxophone, voice, and recorded mixes but also a body in space. It is constructed around two central themes :


Breath, one breath, one voice, one that animates the saxophone and arouses great passion, more primal than language, one that drives and inspires us but also the concrete resonance of a diamond needle in vinyl grooves or even the roar of an air compressor,


Music in the body or how being absolutely engaged by the sound that we hear and/or one we produce animates us more than anything.

Cochlea or how what goes into our ears, our intimate history of music, moves us in every sense of the word.
A way to explore the sensory and poetic dimensions of breath that inspires us and moves us to a joyful and unique imagination.


Maguelone Vidal / conception, composition, interpretation, dramaturgy
Eva Vallejo / staging collaboration and dramaturgy
I-Fang Lin / body staging
Emmanuel Duchemin / sound engineer
Lais Foulc / lighting design
Anna Sauvage / lighting manager
Samuel Aden / scenography


Production / Intensités
Coproduction / Théâtre de NÎMES – scène conventionnée danse contemporaine
in association with Théâtre Le Périscope
Prolongation / La Ménagerie de Verre – PARIS
with La Muse en Circuit – Centre National de Création Musicale ÎLE-DE-FFRANCE


Théâtre de NÎMES in association with Le Théâtre Le Périscope (2 shows) / November 6th and 7th 2014
Magdalena Festival – Théâtre Jean Vilar, MONTPELLIER / September 22nd 2015
Les Inaccoutumés Festival – La Ménagerie de Verre, PARIS (3 shows) / November 13th, 14th and 15th 2016