Boutès, the one who jumps

Boutès, the one who jumps

What is music? Dance.
What is dance? The desire to rise uncontrollably.
What is rooted music? The desire to take the plunge.
Pascal Quignard, Boutès, Galilee Ed., 2008 (extract)

Boutès, celui qui saute (Boutès, the one who jumps) recounts the legend of Jason, who set off aboard The Argo in search of the Golden Fleece and daringly jumped overboard, lured by the haunting songs of the sirens. 


Transported by Pascal Quignard’s poetry and the adventurous music of our three musician-singers, this short opera is a sensitive, sonorous and visual voyage, a kinetic painting in chiaroscuro, contemporary and archaic, a living canvas where the light sublimates movement and expression. So above all, don’t wait: submit to the temptation to go aboard…”.

©Fondation Royaumont


Maguelone Vidal / conception, soprano and baritone saxophones, vocals, turntable
Catherine Jauniaux / vocals
Didier Petit / cello, vocals
Huub Ubbens / lighting design
Laurent Pichaud / scenographic design
Marc Baylet-Delperier / coaching/vocal work on the text
Emmanuel Gilot / sound engineer


Preview / L’Art des Corps Festival, LAGORCE / June 1st, 2012
Creation / La Cigalière, SÉRIGNAN / October 11th and 12th, 2012
Atelier du Plateau, PARIS / December, 7th and 8th, 2012
Festival Voix, Confort Moderne, POITIERS / May 14th, 2013
Site Archéologique Lattara, LATTES / July 19th 2013
Festival Les Voix Vives de la Méditerranée, SÈTE / July 21st 2013
Festival Aujourd’hui Musiques, Théâtre de l’Archipel, PERPIGNAN / November 21st 2013
Festival Imprudences, Théâtre Jacques Cœur, LATTES / February 4th 2014
Le Pannonica, NANTES / March 20th 2014
Festival À voix haute, BAGNÈRES-DE-BIGORRE / August 8th 2014
Fondation Royaumont, ASNIERES-SUR-OISE / June 20th 2015