The heart of sound

The heart of sound


Sound and choreographic performance enacted by volunteer participants of all ages and from all backgrounds (ages 11 to 75 to date) whose heartbeats are broadcast live. Amplified through a mixer that Maguelone Vidal operates, these raw sounds give rise to a sound composition.


Each performer has developed, with choreographer Fabrice Ramalingom, a movement that distinguishes him/ her, emphasizing the primitive gesture chosen by and for each one. It is like a signature that each performer uses to accelerate his/her heart rate and expand the overall sonic range…

BA-BOOM say the living, several dozen times a minute. BA-BOOM: the heartbeat, normally unheard except in moments of extreme intimacy or during a cardiac ultrasound, here, passes through all our layers to immerse us collectively in the depths of its sound, Like the BA-BOOM of the mother’s heart reaches the foetus, the first sound from ‘‘outside’’ is heard, the first irruption of the other in our heart of hearts.


BA-BOOM singular and universal, plural and unique, our cardiac DNA in a certain manner . In a public space, each of us comes to absorb our share of a private moment, making it into a chorus.


Our bodies. Our beating hearts. The blood owing through our arteries. The sound of our lives. The pulse of our cities.


Maguelone Vidal / stage direction, composition, live music
Fabrice Ramalingom / choreographic collaboration
Axel Pfirrmann / sound engineer
Romain De Lagarde / light engineer
With the one or several groups of voluntering perfomers


Production Intensités
With the support of Théâtre de la Cigalière – SÉRIGNAN.

The show is part of the Performing Arts Support Program Charter Diffusion with Onda (National Office for Artistic Diffusion), Arcadi Île-de-France, l’Oara Nouvelle Aquitaine, l’Odia Normandie, Occitanie en Scène and Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne (five regional offices for artistic diffusion).


Festival Son Miré, FABREZAN / September 8th, 2012

ZAT, MONTPELLIER (6 shows) / November 10th and 11th, 2012

Théâtre du Périscope, NÎMES (3 shows) / November 30th, 2012

Centre Chorégraphique National de MONTPELLIER OCCITANIE (3 shows) / March 21st, 2013

Festival Sidération, Centre National d’Études Spatiales, PARIS (2 shows) / March 22nd and 23rd, 2013

ZAT, MONTPELLLIER (6 shows) / April 13th and 14th, 2013

Festival UZÈS DANSE (3 shows) / June 13th and 14th, 2014

NUIT BLANCHE PARIS (6 shows) / October 1st, 2016

Château Comtal, Cité de CARCASSONNE (2 shows) / September 7th, 2017

Pronomade(s), Centre national des arts de la rue et de l’espace public MARTRES TOLOSANE (2 shows) / September 6th and 7th, 2018

Pushkin Museum, MOSCOW (2 shows) / January 30th, 2020

Festival Aujourd’hui Musiques – L’Archipel – Scène Nationale – PERPIGNAN (6 shows) / November 13th, 2022 / 11:00 am – 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm and November 14th, 2022 / school sessions / 9:30 am – 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

Festival Escena Patrimonio – TOLEDE / September 16th, 2023 / 6 shows

Centre Culturel André Malraux – Scène Nationale de VANDOEUVRE-LES-NANCY / April 11th et 12th, 2024 / 6 représentations

La seine musicale – BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT / June 9th, 2024 / 4 shows

Théâtre des Quatre saisons – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – Art et création – GRADIGNAN / June 14th, 2024 / 4 shows